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Die Satzung von TUCSIN, The University Centre for Studies in Namibia, liegt derzeit nur in englischer Sprache vor.

Protocol No: T13/92

Be it hereby made known

That on this 15th day of May in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Two (1992) before me [Names of Founder and Trustees] of Windhoek, Namibia, Notary Public by lawful authority admitted and sworn in the presence of the subscribed witnesses came and appeared:

Beatrice Sandelowsky
(hereinafter called "THE FOUNDER")

and also appeared

  • Beatrice Sandelowsky
  • Patricia Fransman
  • Bella Cupido
  • Gloria Heita
  • Issy Namasab
  • Joshua Hoebeb
  • Cliff Olivier
  • Jerry Tobias

(hereinafter called "THE TRUSTEES")

And the said apprearers declared that the Founder wishes to establish an educational trust to be known as The University Centre for Studies in Namibia (TUCSIN) for the purposes of:

  1. Fostering the academic education of Namibians;
  2. Undertaking, encouraging and co-ordinating scientific studies in Namibia;
  3. Supporting such projects as will contribute towards the development of Namibia.

Now therefore these presents witnesseth

  1. An educational trust known as "The University Centre for Studies in Namibia" (TUCSIN) is hereby founded and established ("THE TRUST").
  2. The objects of the trust are:
    1. To foster the academic education of Namibians by implementing formal, informal or non-formal education projects.
    2. To employ a director of such centre or centres and other members of staff and to pay salaries of the director and the said employees directly or through the centre.
    3. To promote university education in Namibia and to provide financial assistance, support and advice where possible in the forms of loans, bursaries or grants.
    4. To acquire, preserve and to disseminate knowledge on Namibia.
    5. To train and improve academic skills among Namibians.
    6. To support any project which in the sole discretion of the trustees is worthy of support and which will contribute towards the development of Namibia and Namibians as a whole.
    7. To act as an educational research institution at which academics from abroad can interact with Namibians interested in acquired more knowledge about Namibia.
  3. The founder hereby donates irrevocably to the trust the sum of R1000.00 which sum (hereinafter referred to as "THE CAPITAL")shall compromise the trust fund together with any additions thereto from other sources. The trust fund shall be held in trust and utilized in furtherance of the objects subject to further conditions hereinafter set forth.
  4. The trust shall be administered and managed by a board of not less than twelve (12) trustees who shall be the trustees and who are parties to this deed and any additional trustee or trustees who may appointed as such from time to time by the trustees in office.
  5. The trustees are hereby appointed subject to the following terms and conditions:
    1. No remuneration whatsoever other than necessary out of pocket expenses shall be payable to the trustees for their services in terms hereof, which services shall be regarded as charitable services on the part of the trustees.
      The trustees shall register this deed of trust and any amendment thereof or supplement thereto with the Master Of The High Court of Namibia in terms of the Trust Monies Protection Act,1934. The trustees shall, however, not be required to find security for the due and faithful administration of the trust under the Trust Monies Protection Act of 1934 or any other law and the Master Of The High Court of Namibia having jurisdiction in connection therewith is hereby directed to dispense with such security.
    2. In the event of the death or resignation of any trustee, the remaining trustees shall be responsible for the nomination of a suitable replacement.
    3. The board of trustees shall in this discretion be entitled to dismiss any trustee for any such reason as it may deem valid under the circumstances, in which event such trustee shall no longer be regarded as a member of the board, no appeal shall lie from the decision of the board in this regard. A resolution for the removal of a trustee must be supported by not less than sixty percent (60%) of the trustees then in office and at least fourteen (14) days notice of such resolution has to be given.
    4. The office of trustees shall be vacated:
      1. If a trustee resigns, office be notice in writing addressed to the Secretary Of The Trust or the other trustees; or
      2. If a trustee become of unsound mind, insolvent or is in any other way incapable of managing his/her own affairs or becomes any legal disability affecting his legal disability affecting his legal capacity.
      3. If he/she is removed by the board of trustees as set out above.
    5. Any trustees appointed or re-appointed for the office of trustees shall hold office for a period of three (3) years and shall cease to be a trustee after the expiry after the said three (3) years unless he /she is re-appointed as trustees, in terms of clause hereof.
    6. The trustees shall, as they may determine from time to time, meet to consider and administer the affairs of the trust:
      1. Trustees shall appoint from amongst their number a person to act as a chairperson of the trust and shall preside at all meetings. In the absence of the chairperson the trustees at the meeting shall elect among their number a person who shall act as chairperson at such meetings.
      2. The chairperson of the trust may call a meeting at any time if he/she considers it appropriate to do so and shall call a meeting if required to do so by requisition signed by no less than four (4) trustees. If a meeting is called by the chairperson either on his/her own initiative or as a result of a requisition, he/she shall fix the time and the place at which such meeting shall take place.
      3. The quorum for any meeting of trustees shall not be less than five (5) persons at the time that the meeting takes place.
    7. The trustees shall further from among them nominate candidates for the offices of a secretary and treasurer. Such candidate shall be elected by simple majority from among the trustees.
    8. Should any difference arise among the trustees in regard to the affairs of the trust, the same shall be determined by a majority vote of the trustees taken at a meeting of the trustees convened on not less than forty eight (48) hours notice.
  6. The board of trustees shall have general control of the trust assets and shall strive to attain the objects for which the trust is established. The trustees shall have all such powers as may be necessary to enable them to administer the trust and without limiting their general powers in any way, they shall also have the following powers:
    1. To invest the capital amount and also such income from the trust which may not immediately be required for the purposes of the trust in such manner as they may think fit and to realize and transpose any securities, assets, investments and property from time to time and in such times as their sole discretion shall determine or consider to be in the best interests of the trust.
    2. To purchase, sell, let and hire any movable and immovable property in due and custom reform.
    3. To expand the trust funds on maintenance, construction, improvement, alteration, rates, taxes, insurance premiums and other charges in and pertaining to any immovable property.
    4. To advance and lend money to any person, company, corporation, association or institution either with or without security and upon such terms and conditions as to repayment or otherwise, as the trustees may in their sole discretion deem fit.
    5. To borrow and in order to provide security for such borrowing, to mortage and/or pledge the trust assets and to arrange the manner of repayment of such loans as the trustees may in their sole discretion decide.
    6. To allow any person to occupy any buildings belonging to the trust free of charge or for rent.
    7. To pay all expenses incurred in connection with the administration of the trust.
    8. To employ any person to manage or assist in the management of any of the objects of the trust and to remunerate such an employee from funds administered by the trust, including travelling and other expenses which may necessarily be incurred by such employee.
    9. To appoint an agent or agents to represent them for any specific purpose including the power to employ accountants, attorneys, advocates and other professional persons for any specific purpose and to remunerate such persons at the usual professional or business rates.
    10. To take action in a Court Of Law for the recovery of any amounts due to the trust or to compel the fulfilment of obligations in its favour and to defend any proceedings that may be instituted against the trust.
    11. To allow time for payment of debts due to the trust and to compromise claims by the trust in their discretion.
    12. To accept further donations and bequests from the founder or other persons in favour of the trust and to administer the same subject to the terms hereof and also subject to such conditions as may be imposed by the founder or other persons provided that such conditions are not inconsistent with the terms of the trust.
    13. To purchase or otherwise acquire any equipment that may be necessary for the promotion of the objects of the trust.
    14. To open and control any bank accounts or Building Society Accounts and to draw, accept or give promissory notes, bills of exchange and other negotiable instruments.
    15. To exercise or cause to be exercised such further powers including the right to take out such insurance as they in their sole discretion may consider necessary to carry out the objects of this trust and in this respect, the trustees are hereby exempted from any personal liability for losses that the trust may suffer as a result of the bona fide exercise of any other powers in terms hereof.
  7. The trustees shall:
    1. Deposit all monies not invested by them in a banking account to be opened in the name of the trust or in any registered Building Society. Such accounts may be created by the trustees in such manner as they may determine.
    2. Cause a proper set of books and accounts to be kept relative to the affairs of the trust which books and accounts shall be audited annually, if funds are available, by an auditor to be appointed by the trustees and the trustees shall have power to vary this appointed from time to time.
    3. The board of trustees shall keep minutes of all its meetings and shall also keep a proper minute book.
  8. The board of trustees shall be required to hold an annual general meeting and so many ordinary meetings during the course of the year as may be considered necessary to transact the business of the trust. In particular:
    1. The annual general meeting of the board shall be held during the month of March of each year for the purpose of the appointment of one of its members to be chairperson for the ensuing three (3) years for the appointment of a secretary and treasurer to consider the balance sheet and financial statements of the affairs if the trust, to elect an auditor and to determine a quorum for all meetings of the board.
    2. Ordinary meetings shall be held as often as may be considered necessary to transact the business of the trust in accordance with the objects for which the trust has been established. A majority decision of the trustees shall be final and binding on the trustees except in regard to the dismissal of a trustee when a two-thirds majority shall be required. The chairperson for the time being shall be entitled to a deliberative as well as a casting vote at any meeting of the board.
    3. In the event of the unavoidable absence of any trustees from a meeting of the board, he/she shall be entitled to appoint a proxy in writing from any of the other members of the board and such proxy will be entitled to vote on behalf of the absent trustee in accordance with such trustees’ wishes.
  9. All donations to the trust shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the trust deed and shall be irrevocable provided that if a donation is made for a specific purpose which cannot be implemented, the trustees shall be entitled, if required, by the donor to do so, to refund the donation or any unexpended portion therefor to the donor.
  10. The trust shall endure for an indeterminate period, but may:
    1. At any time be wound up and dissolved on resolution supported by 80% of the trustee then in office.
    2. In the event of a dissolution the trustees shall dispose of the surplus assets of the trust remaining after all obligations of the trust have been met to institutions of a charitable or educational nature which are:
      1. Of public character;
      2. Within Namibia;
      3. Themselves exempt from income tax.
  11. In the proposed administration of the trust no trustee shall be liable for any loss to the trust which may occur as a result of any improper investment made in good faith or as a result of the negligence or fraud of any agent or other person employed by the trustees, or occasioned by any mistake or omission made in good faith by the trustee or arising from any other cause except the wilful and individual fraud or dishonesty of such trustees. No trustee shall be liable for any loss occasioned by the fraud, dishonesty or wrongdoing of the other trustees or any other trustee unless he/she was a party to such fraud, dishonesty or wrongdoing.
  12. The trustees hereby accept appointment to such office subject to all the terms and conditions set out in this deed.

Thus done and executed by the Founder and the Trustees on the date aforementioned at Windhoek, before me, the Notary and in the presence of the undersigned witnesses.

As witnesses:

1. .......................................... ..........................................
2. .......................................... Founder

Thus done and executed by the Founder and the Trustees on the date aforementioned at Windhoek, before me, the Notary and in the presence of the undersigned witnesses.

As witnesses:

1. .......................................... ..........................................
2. .......................................... Trustee
.............................................. ..........................................
.............................................. ..........................................
.............................................. ..........................................

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