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TUCSIN Newsletter  2021

Since December 2016 the TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge has its own homepage.

Tsumkwe Country Lodge was bought by TUCSIN (The University Centre for Studies in Namibia) on the 24th of June 2014. Previously part of the Namibia Country Lodges Group the TUCSIN TSUMKWE LODGE for Hospitality and Training is now becoming a multifunctional centre promoting education and training. At the same time the Lodge operates as any other lodge in Namibia catering for local and international visitors to the area.

 TUCSIN TSUMKWE Lodge offers:

- 22 Twin cabins each with two three quarter beds and en-suite shower, toilet. 1 Family room sleeping two parents and two children. Restaurant, bar and a swimming pool complete the facilities. some pictures

- Six campsites are adjacent to the lodge: each with electrical point, water point, “braai area with grid” (BBQ); communal washing and toilet facilities. is responsible for the marketing of the TUCSIN TSUMKWE LODGE. Reservations can be made via email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  / Tel: +264 - (0)67 - 240 901/ 3/ 4 & Tel: +264 - (0)67 - 240 975;  or by pressing the “Book Now” Button, - here you can also check the availability of rooms.         

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             WHY THIS COMMITMENT ?  Some background information

TUCSIN became involved because this was seen as an opportunity for offering education and training to the marginalized San community who can no longer survive exclusively by hunting and gathering. The need to integrate community members and in particular the Ju/’hoan San Bushmen is of cardinal importance. It requires a well-informed approach with respect for the precious - but rare - value systems of traditional hunter-gatherer societies - read more about our projects.

 TUCSIN considers the lodge as an opportunity for involving the marginalised San community who live in that area. A hands-on approach to work should lead to training, study and eventual employment.

TUCSIN is trying to make this possible by establishing a training and vocational centre at TUCSIN TSUMKWE LODGE for Hospitality and Training. Teaching / training will be offered to community members enabling them to generate their own income to take care of their families. With the focus on training TUCSIN TSUMKWE Lodge will be the central hub for participants to craft their skills and abilities under the guidance of tutors from different cultures and countries who volunteer their services.

The focus will be on hospitality, housekeeping, catering, horticulture, vocational and basic administration skills in the Tourism Sector. Arts and Crafts form an integral part of the San cultures and earn most of their income at this point in time. Some of the finest crafts made by San woman and men can be found in curio shops in Namibia. TUCSIN TSUMKWE also promotes and tries to facilitate the training and transfer of these skills to the younger generation to ensure the preservation of their culture and heritage. 

 Activities  ... more

With a new name comes a new vision. TUCSIN TSUMKWE Lodge operates as any other lodge in Namibia catering for local and international visitors to the area.

- Accommodation complemented by personal hosting and cultural excursions to Ju/’hoansi villages form part of the day to day function of this establishment.

- With its close proximity to the Nyae Nyae Pans and Khaudom National Park, Tsumkwe is still a wilderness paradise, off the beaten track!

- Majestic Baobab trees mark old hunting posts of San and Settlers who lived off Bushmanland´s rich wildlife in earlier years. Baobab trees are regarded by the San as life giving organisms and guardians of nature. Most of the large Baobab trees in Tsumkwe are well over a few hundred years old and remain a popular attraction to visitors.


The Ju/´hoansi community are looking forward to host you at the





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