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21 & 22 August 2015 `Heritage & Cultures in Modern Namibia´ - Seminar Series VI

You are warmly invited to attend the annual HERITAGE & CULTURES IN MODERN NAMIBIA Seminar on Friday and Saturday 21 & 22 August 2015, which will be taking place in TSUMKWE this year. We are expecting visitors from USA, Europe, Botswana, S.A. & of course: Namibia.  read more


2014 `Heritage & Cultures in Modern Namibia´ - Seminar Series V : The LAUNCH OF TUCSIN IN TSUMKWE on Tuesday, 24 June 2014 

Important developments in the course of the year led to the LAUNCH OF TUCSIN IN TSUMKWE on Tuesday, 24 June 2014. TUCSIN had bought the Tsumkwe Lodge and is intending to use it as a multi-purpose educational and development centre.

Cliff Olivier – Chairman of the TUCSIN Board of Trustees – gave an overview of the planned activities. Dr Ngavirue, Guest of Honour, complemented this history culminating in the launch of TUCSIN TSUMKWE. Chief Tsamkxao BoBo welcomed TUCSIN enthusiastically on behalf of Tsumkwe and the Ju/’hoan community. The exquisite publication of the Children’s Dictionary in Ju/’hoan, English and Afrikaans was launched by Kerry Jones and Tsemkxao Fanni /Ui. Olavi Munkanda.  ... read full report


2013 `Heritage & Cultures in Modern Namibia´ - Seminar Series IV :  15 June 2013 - Celebrating TUCSIN’s 35th anniversary

10h00 Mother Tongue: Key to the Treasures of Cultural Diversity: A presentation by Dr Megan Biesele, Anthropologist, working in a Namibian San language, and Andreas Haikera, UNAM student, affiliated with Kalahari Peoples’ Fund, and Kerry Jones, linguistics graduate student, working in San mother-tongue education.

Venue: TUCSIN House – 16 Mont Blanc Street / Tel. 061-224840 or 061-216854 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax. 061-222544


July & September 2012:  `Heritage and Cultures in Modern Namibia´- Seminar Series III

 TUCSIN Khomasdal on Tuesday 31 July at 12h00 Noon.

Without culture, there is no education - Without education, there is no future

A panel discussion with:

Megan Biesele – an anthropologist who has been working with the San in Namibia for over thirty years. She compiled an orthography of the Ju/’hoan language, has written many books and co-edited the TUCSIN Festschrift entitled ‘Heritage & Cultures in Modern Namibia – In-depth Views of the Country’ - the basis for this Seminar Series.

Andreas Haikera Mushongo – educator – school principal – working on his degree at UNAM – is a member of the Nyae Nyae Village Schools project. He is an associate of TUCSIN's and has been working with Megan Biesele for many years.

Melissa Heckler – educator – has also been working in Namibia for many years – reported on the development of the library at Tsumkwe in 2011 – and illustrated the importance of oral tradition and story telling.


Rundu - Friday and Saturday the 7th and the 8th of September - TUCSIN-Centre Rundu

Sabine Klocke-Daffa, University of Tübigen, Germany,   on the ‘Cultures of Giving and Taking’
Manja Stutzriemer, University of Tübigen, Germany,  on the Kavango (Nkurenkuru) working with the !Kung
Michael Proepper, University of Hamburg, Germany,  representedThe Future Okavango Project and working in Rundu
Wade Pendleton, professor emeritus, Cape Town,  urban anthropology: the background of Namibia’s fastest growing second largest city in the country: Rundu.
Cornelia Limpricht, freelance cultural historian, Hamburg, on Rehoboth/Namibia: Communal Land Tenure in Rehoboth 1870 - 2012


July & September 2011:  `Heritage and Cultures in Modern Namibia’ - Seminar Series II

 Grant McCall (Professor of Archaeology at Tulane University, New Orleans, USA) during a stone tool making workshop in the course of 96;Heritage and Cultures Seminar Series 201196; at TUCSIN Windhoek

August & September 2010:  `Heritage and Cultures in Modern Namibia´- Seminar Series I

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