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TUCSIN Newsletter 2018 

The Board of Trustees decides on the organisation's policy. Trustees and Honorary Trustees serve on a voluntary basis according to the Deed of Trust.

TUCSIN is registered as a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) not for gain.  


The Trustees:

Dr Wilfred Bezuidenhout
Chairperson – TUCSIN Board of Trustees (Medical Doctor; TUCSIN Alumnus)

Dr Beatrice Sandelowsky
Dep. Chairperson - TUCSIN Board of Trustees (Archaeologist; founder of TUCSIN)

Mr Cliff Olivier
Director of TUCSIN  -  (TUCSIN Alumnus)

Mr Immanuel Kadhila
Trustee (Investment Banker; TUCSIN treasurer)

Ms Mano Nepembe
Trustee (Economist & Banker; TUCSIN Alumna)

Ms Maria Shivute Dax
Trustee (Social Worker; founder member; TUCSIN Alumna)

Dr Vaja Zatjirua
Trustee (Neuro-Surgeon; TUCSIN Alumnus)



Dr Chris Sworn
Honorary Trustee (Ex-TUCSIN Director; Senior Manager)

Dr Cornelia Limpricht
Honorary Trustee (Cultural Historian; German TUCSIN Representative)

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