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Cornelia Limpricht 2015



Cornelia Limpricht 2012

Landnahme – Landbesitz – Landverlust. Baster-Territorien in Südafrika und Namibia: 1865-2015, Windhoek (to order the book in Germany and Overseas please get into touch with Namibiana Buchdepot / in Namibia see: Namibia Book Market / Macadam Street, Gruener Kranz Building / Windhoek /Tel: +264 61 23 6938)

Rehoboth, Namibia  Past & Present, Windhoek (in Namibia contact your nearest bookshop or Namibia Book Market)

Prof. Joe Diescho 2009 Public Lecture, Windhoek, March 09: "19 Years of Independence"
TUCSIN 2008 Rehoboth Newspaper: Plase & Families - Grondbesit in Rehoboth
TUCSIN 2008 TUCSIN Festschrift: Press Release & Distribution to Stakeholders
TUCSIN 2008 A TUCSIN Festschrift: Heritage and Cultures in Modern Namibia – In-depth Views of the Country. Limpricht, C. & Biesele, M. (eds.), Windhoek-Goettingen
TUCSIN 2008 TUCSIN Public Lecture – November 2008: "SEVENTH PRESENTATION IN THE PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES 1" Formal education in Namibia: where from and where to?
TUCSIN 2008 4th TUCSIN Public Lecture (June 2008) - Challenges for Tertiary Education

Dr. Beatrice Sandelowsky

Creating Spaces for negotiating knowledge in Namibia (PDF file - 27th of July 2006) The paper describes how new policies, formal and informal education, tourism and technology are shaping the ways in which knowledge and science are negotiated in Namibia.

Beatrice Sandelowsky

Archaeologically yours, Windhoek (Namibiana Buchdepot)
TUCSIN 2003 TUCSIN - 25 years edition (JPG)
Britz, Lang, Limpricht 1999

A Concise History of the Rehoboth Basters until 1990, Klaus Hess Publishers, Windhoek-Goettingen / in Namibia see: Namibia Book Market / Macadam Street, Gruener Kranz Building / Windhoek /Tel: +264 61 23 6938)






















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