TUCSIN: The registrations at the 4 centres are still continuing till mid-February & in the North till end of February.

TUCSIN Courses 2019 at a glance

Grade 12 & Grade 10: Registration starts 22/1/-28/1/2019  

TUCSIN Newsletter 2018 

Board of Trustees
Management Commitee
Research and Alumni Education and Training Social Service
Scholarship Programme Complementary Course TUCSIN Orphans Project
TUCSIN Informal Education Programme Tutorial Course Campaign Anti Child Abuse and Child Trafficking
TUCSIN Alumni Association Educational Testing Service  

Projects Established by TUCSIN:

  • Public Relations Course
  • Rehoboth Museum
  • Rehoboth Library
  • Utuseb School on the Kuiseb River
  • Yvonne Steyn School at Naos
  • Ex-GDR Project
  • Namibia Crafts and Wear
  • Epukiro Farmers Union
  • Ju/wa Bushman Development Project
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